Little Joys: Where was Bernie? - Chapter 81
January 27, 2021

Little Joys: Where was Bernie?

Little Joys: Where was Bernie? Little Joys: Where was Bernie?
Words by: Phoebe Ryan

With the state of the global news causing so many emotions right now (just what we need after a long year), we wanted to start a little series called Little Joys. Because…well, we all need some.

First up on Little Joys is the phenomenon that became “Where is Bernie?” 

Bernie Sanders was just innocently sitting there at the inauguration, trying to keep warm.  And as we all watched on with hope at the dawning of a (hopefully much more progressive, peaceful) era, we couldn’t help but have a few chuckles. The memes that basic Bernie has spawned? Pure gold. From local indies to musical superstars, the first proper meme of 2021 has hit home… 

Here are some of our faves. Some riff off the local food & drink scene that we miss so much, and some are the more…mm…exotic? Bernie encounters!

The Tetley
Common MCR
Winter Is Coming
Wrestling Bernie
The Queen's Gambit
The Strokes

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