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We are C81
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We use our skills to inform creative ideas that supercharge your communications.

The brainchild of Simon Fogal, established in September 2018. Having previously run a music and food PR agency for nearly 10 years, he wanted the freedom to adapt to the needs of clients and their changing environments, whilst helping them do more things. So Chapter 81 was born.

We are a collective of freelance professionals who collaborate together.

We have pioneered new food festivals, published magazines,  established one of Britain’s most renowned indie food brands, and happen to run some of the North’s best festivals, namely within the food and drink or technology and innovation sectors.



All done from our new home at C81 Studios in the centre of Leeds. Our office has production facilities on-site with the ability to do photography, video and streaming.

Our team can deliver any objective and have over 75 years of combined experience within the hospitality, music, construction, retail, broadcast, and fashion industries.

Our Services

In a constantly evolving industry, we always have our ear to the ground. We make sure to deliver your message to the right platform, in the right voice, tailoring our campaigns to your specific needs. Whilst 75% of our work is PR-led, we also provide other solutions that can be attached or serviced separately. The ideal is that you take us on as a full digital agency or we are more than happy picking your options as we believe collaboration is key.

PR & Social

All forms of communication require you having something worth saying, and we’re here to say it. We get you that sought-after coverage by generating newsworthy articles, content and blogs to get you press – whether that’s online, trade, regional or national. From new product launches to crisis management to building your reputation and getting you known, we’ve got you covered. This is storytelling at its finest. 

Social is one of the best ways to engage with both industry influencers and your audience. Our campaigns, always in touch with the ever-changing Social Media landscape, help increase both your audience reach and sales.


From boutique projects to events with international reach, we’ve done it all. We’ve marketed across a huge range of formats, from paid social to digital, outdoor media to helping plan and print your magazine. We manage your newsletters, get you cheaper ad space, get you on round table discussions and more. The strongest campaigns come from the best strategy. Drop us an email as we could write all day about Marketing and options but it is best done over a coffee.


Our approach to events is to build unique enough showstoppers and people will come. We’ve created some extraordinary and unique events across many sectors, from food and drink to music. From community events to International Festivals, we like to bring something a little bit different each and every time, which again  means you always have something new to say.


Always thinking, always switched on. We like to think we can come up with some excellent creative ideas for you and your campaign. These can be offered as standalone services too. 

Copywriting – Each medium has its own tone of voice, requiring a different approach. Whether assisting on daily Social Media updates, writing reactionary communications, managing Mystery Diners or creating editorial or advertorial content for you, we know how to make the words do the hard work for your business.

Podcasts –  A new world means new opportunities to reach your audience: We can help you create your podcast, from picking the topic, to hosting, recording and producing it. 

Audits – Our team has the experience to offer overview audits on how well your website is performing in the Google SERPs or how well your social media is doing. We can suggest quick improvements that can make all the difference. Some suggestions we can sort out for you, and for others we can suggest those with the relevant expertise to help you further.


A main focus of any campaign should be the very best visual content. We have invested in the best gear to get you social media videos quick or be able to fire over the best photos. Same day, sometimes within the hour. This is a standalone service. 

We work with some of the best photographers in the North. Through them, we have documented some of the best festivals, restaurants and events across the region. We can sort everything, from a Media Call to a full menu restaurant shoot – as well as all those in-between bits. We can even sort those fancy full product shoots, too. We also manage photo galleries for festivals and have worked across music, food and culture festivals (including Light Night, Leeds Indie Food, Leeds International Festival and Thought Bubble).

Need short videos or something with a little more imagination? we have you covered for that. We shoot with Black Magic and are proud of that. If you need motion graphics and animation, we know the right people to bring your project together.


We work with some incredible minds on digital and can help you re-imagine your website so that it works as hard as it possibly can. Mobile ready, ecommerce ready or just in need of a refresh.

We believe the website is still the champion and is the beating heart of any marketing or social campaign, be that content driven or sales driven website.


If you don’t really know what you need, book us for a chat and discuss how you can reach a new audience, reach new customers or create something new. Strategy is a word people can be scared by, but it really just means creating a solid plan.


The starting point to any journey is the brand. The amount of times we chat about this having to be more than a logo is key. We work with some incredible people on this journey too and we love this so much. 

Graphic design is a service we introduced due to client demand. We have an eye for design, and what appeals to different market sectors. We have designed anything and everything, from our own printed Journal and merch to a complete brand refresh for Indian fine dining stars Prashad, and logos for new businesses…the list goes on. We can also manage the print process – which we do for numerous festivals in the North.


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