One Month till Leeds gets an Ideas Festival - Chapter 81
August 16, 2021

One Month till Leeds gets an Ideas Festival

One Month till Leeds gets an Ideas Festival One Month till Leeds gets an Ideas Festival
Words by: Simon Fogal

Leeds International Festival of Ideas is now just one month away! Time does fly! 

Alongside keynote events such as Katherine Ryan and Sir Lenny Henry, Leeds International Festival will be showcasing thought-provoking panel discussions with titles such as “Can we ever be who we want to be?”, “Are we more lonely?” and “Does the future have enough food?”

New Speakers announced: Emma Young, Peg Alexander & Stephanie Hirst

Emma Young is joining the Green or Growth? Panel, alongside host Michaela Strachan, activist Noga Levy-Rapoport, Henri Muriston and Professor Paul Chatterton. Emma is VP Global Communications for Bulb Energy, a company dedicated to renewable energy. Emma is responsible for the company’s communications strategy.

Stephanie Hirst will be joining the “Can we ever be who we want to be?” panel event, alongside host Amrou Al-Kadhi, Gina Martin, Hashi Mohammed and Anne-Marie Imafidon.

Leeds lass, presenter and ex-politician Peg Alexander meanwhile will be joining the “Is the UK media broken?” panel, alongside host Evan Davis, Amol Rajan, Robyn Vinter, Alastair Campbell and Matthew Parris.

Discovery Zone exclusive

LIFI is also happy to announce that the Discovery Zone will take place over the two weekends 18-19th and 25-26th September. We can exclusively announce that one weekend will be dedicated to the future of food. 

Peg Alexander says: 

“I’m so excited to be joining this important discussion at the fabulous Leeds International Festival of Ideas. Ideas, innovation and practical ways to change the world are part of our history in Leeds. It’s so apt that we now have an international festival tackling some of the most interesting and challenging ideas of our time. None more so than the question of if we can believe what we see and hear in our news and media. And whose voices are the ones that have been heard? As someone working in news and current affairs but with a very female and Northern slant, and a non-confrontational approach to searching journalism, I can’t wait for the chance to be on home soil looking at ideas for how our London-centric media really could change.” 

Stephanie Hirst says: 

“It’s a true honour to be part of such an exciting festival in our wonderful city. To be included on this particular panel means we really can get stuck-in on discussing and debating why society finds it so difficult to accept equality for all.  And, YES…from where I am sitting, you CAN be who you want to be – it’s not always easy, but it can be done – I’m living proof”.

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