In a Communications industry which is constantly changing and evolving, we like to tailor our campaigns to your needs. We have our ear to the ground, making sure we give you the right voice on the right platform. Whilst 75% of our work is PR-led, we also provide other solutions to your needs:


All forms of communication require you having something worthy to say, so we’re here to say it. We get you that sought-after coverage by generating newsworthy articles, content and blogs to get you press – whether that’s online, trade, regional or national.


Social Media is one of the best ways to engage with both your audience and industry influencers alike. Our campaigns, always in touch with the ever-changing Social Media landscape, help increase both your sales and your audience reach. How we do what we do needn’t be a mystery, either. We can run account audits to explain what it all means, as well as offering training and strategy workshops.


From tiny boutique projects to massive events, we’ve done it all. We’ve marketed across a huge range of formats, from paid social to outdoor media and digital, to helping plan your magazine and print materials.


Our approach? Build unique events and people will come. We’ve created some extraordinary and unique evens across many sectors, from food and drink to music. We like to bring something a little bit different each time.


Each medium has its own tone of voice, so requires a different approach. Whether assisting on daily Social Media updates, writing reactionary communications, managing Mystery Diners or creating editorial or advertorial content, we know how to make the words do the hard work for your business.

Event Content

Providing a captivating atmosphere is one of the event’s most important jobs – both for those there in the moment, and for the stunning visuals and real-time content you can capture. We mimic that real-time event buzz across media, spreading the word. We bring together moving image and photography for cross-platform, live content to be proud of.

Mystery Dining

If you need to change it up, or simply make a menu tweak, a great way to get honest audience insight and truth is with a set of mystery diners. We have worked with some of the best places in the North, and for events too.

Street Food Social Healthcheck

Working with the very best street food at events, we found that small businesses are often snowed under, and need that little bit of help. Our street food comms cleanse is a unique, one-off service, where we get your social channels up-to-scratch and help get you some basic photography, all to help amplify the noise.