Introducing C81 – Meet Kieran - Chapter 81
August 1, 2019

Introducing C81 – Meet Kieran

The LeedsBID Digital Marketing Officer sits with us once a week... We found out more.

Introducing C81 – Meet Kieran Introducing C81 – Meet Kieran
Words by: Phoebe Ryan

We’re happy to introduce you to another member of the C81 team at the moment – Meet Kieran! Apprentice Kieran Chappell comes to us via our close connection with LeedsBID.

Q: Describe yourself in a couple of sentences.

I’m Kieran, the guy behind all Digital Marketing at LeedsBID. I’ve been with them for over 2 and a half years now and joined the team when I was 16 years old.

Q: Give us the lowdown on how come you’re being mentored at Ch81

To gain more industry experience in a different environment. It’s good sometimes to come from a larger office to a smaller team and see how everything works there. I also support Fogal with projects he’s working on with the BID – acting as a bit of a communication tool, and coming up with ideas for our projects.

Q: What other work do you do?

Nothing really… I used to have a couple of jobs on the side before I started my role with LeedsBID, but now I don’t really have the time when I get home, due to mainly being at the pub and watching Netflix…

Q: Why work for Chapter 81?

There’s not many businesses out there where you have the freedom and the involvement you get working for Chapter 81. One minute you can be working with all the cool food independents in our city, then before you know it, you’re working on mega projects such as the Leeds International Festival. The team there is also great. Everyone gets along and has a good time, whilst getting involved with everything. Not to mention the amazing office space they have right in the heart of our city.

Q: What do you do at Chapter 81?

I tend to work with Fogal on the BID projects; Welcome to Leeds, Leeds International Festival & more! We generally cover social media and other digital aspects of the projects. And we go on some top quality lunch breaks to the clients C81 works on, such as Bundobust (if you ever go there, the ‘Vada Pav’ is something to definitely try… it’s bang on.)

Q: Where do you hope to see Chapter 81 in the future? 

I can see them growing on a large scale over the next few years. From their rapid growth since starting the C81 brand to the hard-working, dedicated team, you can’t really grasp how much they’ve achieved and how much there is yet to come.

Q: What job do you aspire to?

At 19, I really don’t have a clue on where I want to be in the future. There’s a whole world out there and a whole lot of opportunity. I’ll just have to see what position I’m in, in a few years’ time.

Q: What does Leeds mean to you? Do you like the city?

Leeds is a great city that should definitely shout about itself more. If you’re not from the city – there’s so much you can see and do if you look for it! There’s everything from the quiet, relaxed area at Leeds Dock to the fantastic and vibrant city centre nightlife. There’s something for everyone, on any occasion.

The best things (in my opinion) about the city are the pubs, bars and food. They’re all super-close to each other and there’s a massive variety to choose from! If you’re on a day out in Leeds, there’s always somewhere nearby to stop that will give you what you want, whether it’s for a decent meal or a different kind of bar.

To me I come to Leeds to work, to enjoy decent food and for a pint after work. Maybe do a bit of shopping…but that can fit around my lunch hour.

Q: What do you reckon the future holds for Leeds’ independent food, drink and lifestyle shops?

There’s so much potential for Leeds’ independent scene! You already have the likes of LaynesSimpaticoNorth Star Coffee and Temple Coffee (to name a few). I can see many more indies coming to Leeds, as there’s so much potential for growth and so many businesses are willing to support others.

Q: Tell us a weird fact about you

When I’m not at work, all my mates and even my family call me Kizzer. It’s a weird nickname I’ve had for god knows how long now… since I was a young kid. Coming in to the work is strange with people calling me by my proper name!

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