What to expect at Leeds International Festival of Ideas - Chapter 81
September 8, 2021

What to expect at Leeds International Festival of Ideas

What to expect at Leeds International Festival of Ideas What to expect at Leeds International Festival of Ideas
Words by: Kate Ryrie

With only days to go until Leeds International Festival of Ideas takes over three city centre venues, it’s time to get excited about the fascinating insights just waiting to be discussed. This year’s festival is set to tackle some of the key questions of a generation, with a series of panel discussions exploring everything from food and loneliness to the media, growth and identity.

We were too excited to wait, so we brought together some of our favourite local experts to chat on the topics with our Johnny I’Anson as we get hyped for the festival. Below is what we are looking forward to and the LIFICAST chats from our office. Some amazing conversations were had. 

Are we more lonely?

Loneliness is a societal epidemic – it’s not secret. As populations grow, life expectancies rise and city living shows no signs of slowing down, we turn our attention to how we can live happy, fulfilled lives in a post-Covid era. Join Deborah Frances-White, Alix Fox, Bolu Babalola, Emilia Van Hauen and Dr Melrose Stewart MBE to mull over relationships in the modern age, and how we can sustain them.

Green or growth?

If the headlines of recent weeks are anything to go by, sustainability should be more at the helm of the conversation than ever before. But what does that mean for economic growth in the future? Can capitalism join forces with positive impact to create a truly sustainable world? Michaela Strachan is set to lead a conversation between Henri Murison, Professor Paul Chatterton, Emma Young and Noga Levy-Rapoport – so let’s just see if we can’t find out.

Can we ever be who we want to be?

We live in a world designed for cis white men – but does it always have to be that way? Host, Amrou Al-Kadhi will be joined by Stephanie Hirst, Hashi Mohamed, Anne-Marie Imafidon and Gina Martin to talk about making the every day more accessible for all.

Does the future have enough food?

Food production is changing, and the future only holds more evolution. As our environment evolves, it stands to reason that the way we eat will adapt too – but what do the years ahead hold for the way we get our nutrition? From insect protein to fishing to lab-grown meat, opportunity awaits for our plates. Join Grace Dent, Dr. Morgaine Gaye, Mike Lee, Ness Knight and Ben Davy to find out how.

Is the UK media broken?

How does the media’s constant coverage of news affect our ability to access the truth? In a world full of screens, podcasts, videos, and more – a world where a thousand opinions are only ever a tap or a scroll away – is it possible to take an unbiased stance on… well, anything? Join Evan Davis, Amol Rajan, Robyn Vinter, Alastair Campbell, Matthew Parris and Peg Alexander to find out.

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