Introducing C81 - Meet Ana - Chapter 81
May 8, 2019

Introducing C81 – Meet Ana

In this instalment, meet Chapter 81's Ana - our much-missed PR apprentice!

Introducing C81 – Meet Ana Introducing C81 – Meet Ana
Words by: Phoebe Ryan

Q: Hi Ana! Describe yourself in a couple of sentences.

Hi, My name is Anagha, but everyone calls me Ana. I am extremely curious as a person; I love to know everything about everything. I am also really creative and ambitious. With my background in advertising, art and music, rhythm comes naturally to me. To sum it up, I’m an enthusiastic geek who spends far too much time on her Instagram captions.

Q: Tell us how you ended up here in Leeds, at Chapter 81.

I moved to Leeds, from Mumbai, to pursue my Masters. I have a work placement as a part of my course and thought to pursue it at Chapter 81 as it was the best fit. I have always been enamoured with the idea of living abroad for at least a year, and doing my Masters in Leeds seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Q: What other work/study do you do?

I am a blogger as well as a digital ambassador at Uni. I am also studying for an MA in Public Relations and Strategic Communications at Leeds Beckett University.

Q: Why did you choose to work for Chapter 81?

I have always wanted to work in the food industry, and since Chapter 81 focuses mainly on that, I decided to do my placement here. It was also a lot to do with the fact that I thought I had a huge opportunity to grow and learn here; more so than anywhere else that I interviewed.

Q: What do you do at Chapter 81?

I am currently doing a part-time work placement here. I kind of do a little bit of everything; a lot of research and a bit of content writing and learn whatever new stuff Simon decides to teach me that day.

Q: Where do you hope to see Chapter 81 in the future?

I hope the ethos of it remains the same, but that we would have helped our clients to become bigger and have a larger impact than they already do.

Q: What do you think of Leeds?

It is so quaint yet has so much life. My favourite part is how multicultural it is, and how kind everyone is. People always have the time to talk to you and the music scene is great. It is just the weather that sucks, but everything else is great! I have come to adore the fact that I can walk everywhere, and rarely have to take the bus. My favourite place in Leeds would have to be the docks.

Q: Tell us something about you!

I love adventure, hence deciding to move to a country I had never been to before. I also love to cook and eat. Fun fact: I have been doing martial arts since I was 5 years old.  I love cats and dogs both, but I would be a definite cat lady in the future – one who drinks too much coffee for her own good.

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