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September 16, 2019

Our Services: PR

Our Services: PR Our Services: PR
Words by: Phoebe Ryan

Public Relations used to mean writing a press release, faxing or posting it to the local newspaper office, and seeing it in print. Alternatively, you’d buzz up your local journo contacts and take them out for lunch to discuss anything newsworthy happening to your clients.

A lot has changed. We still do lots of that (well, we definitely don’t have a fax machine or send out press releases by mail, but you know what I mean)…and much more on top.

Truly, the aims of PR have changed little since the job’s inception – our job is to amplify the voice of our client, maximise their audience reach and, ultimately, ensure the success of their business – predominantly done via spreading their news.

It’s only really the route to publicity that has changed markedly. Now that we all get our news from such a plethora of places (print, and then online news, and diverse social media), the job of PR has evolved, encompassing other services too, so that a knowledge of social media and digital promotion (including SEO) are both pre-requisites, and various other professionals such as photographers and videographers are crucial to exciting digital content.

PR is the news

Research data by journalist Nick Davies suggested that 80% of news stories aren’t original, and only 12% were actually generated by journalists. That tends to mean that most of what you read is created by the Public Relations industry. 10Yetis did similar research, in their case finding that up to half of the stories in a national newspaper were driven by public relations. A smaller total, but both confirm the central presence of PR in news.

We’d better make it interesting then!

Our job is to create Press Releases, laying out a client’s newest launch, award win or special event, in such a way as to make a journalist interested in featuring it as a story.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No longer are we sending out press releases the day before a newspaper ‘goes to print’ – the nature of digital media is that people want to know what is happening right now.

That’s why we use a content team of writers, photographers, videographers and social media specialists to live-cover events for our clients, so that their ‘news’ really is new; we work hard, curating the story and making it available to read and see whilst the event is going on – not an out of date piece lost to the internet, days later.

In synopsis? PR is about creating, and spreading, the news about the great indies we work for. We build a team who know how to work fast, and we get exciting, newsworthy content out there, making the most of every news opportunity a client has.

Image: Two members of the Chapter 81 PR team: Director and Head of PR Simon Fogal and PR Specialist Michaella Biscomb with Social Specialist Beverley Two members of the Chapter 81 PR team: Director and Head of PR Simon Fogal and PR Specialist Michaella Biscomb with Social Specialist Beverley

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