Bundobust Manchester Metallica Exclusive - Chapter 81
June 13, 2019

Bundobust Manchester Metallica Exclusive

Exit Light: Enter Night

Bundobust Manchester Metallica Exclusive Bundobust Manchester Metallica Exclusive

Any metalhead worth their salt will know that Metallica are playing Manchester’s Etihad stadium this month – on Tuesday 18th June.

What’s more, our highly-spiced superstars over at Bundo Manchester have been honoured by the kings of Metal themselves. That’s right, Bundobust Manchester have been selected as one of only 8 bars in the city to be serving up the exclusive beer collaboration Metallica have run with Stone Brewing Co. – a Pilsner called Enter Night.

This dry-hopped and eminently drinkable Pilsner has been available at arena shows in the US whilst the band play, and now it’s making its journey across the Atlantic to our shores.

Bundobust Manchester Metallica Exclusive Ben Bentley

To celebrate the honour of serving up this golden wonder, the Bundo team have come up with what basically amounts to the epitome of a Metal burger – and it’s called Nothing Else Vadas.

The Nothing Else Vadas is a black, spicy, super-sized version of the Bundo Vada Pav, a menu classic. What better way to pay homage to your Metal heroes?

There are only 25 of these dark and dangerous delights available, exclusively on the 18th. So if you are gutted you missed out on Metallica tickets, never fear. You can drown your sorrows in Metallica-certified Pilsner Enter Night and a damned tasty black burger. Because? Metal.

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