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March 4, 2024

What have we been up to this February?

What have we been up to this February? What have we been up to this February?
Words by: Lisa Reznyk

We spent the shortest month of the year working on launching new amazing projects, exploring Leeds’ sports and music scenes, and focusing some new podcasts. We also participated in the first BioArt exhibition in Leeds, which even included the Plague bacteria 🦠 It was an exciting time!

Now, let’s take a closer look at how our February went 👀

Welcome To Leeds

Leodis Space Agency has lift off. We are helping bring an exciting space-themed event to the city centre this Easter. With a mission – to deliver a range of cosmic activities for all the family to enjoy, with exhibits to discover, alien encounters and interactive workshops.

We recently visited Norse Sky, a set and prop builder in Keighley, with our photographer Tom Martin and the LeedsBID team to capture the process of creating sculptures for the project, and launched the event on socials with a big giveaway from the partners. More thrilling things to come! Watch the film here.

Thackray Museum of Medicine

Thackray has welcomed a groundbreaking exhibition ‘Fragile Microbiomes’ by internationally renowned British BioArtist Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Dr Jane Freeman from the University of Leeds. The exhibition explores humanity’s fascinating relationship with bugs, both inside and outside of the body, and showcases a unique Plague Dress saturated with the DNA of Yersinia pestis bacteria (plague).

We’ve been leading the PR side of the launch, as well as creating content from the private viewing of the exhibition. We filmed several interviews with the artist and people behind the project, getting mind-blowing insights, one of which you can already watch.

If you are interested in this fascinating topic, you can listen to the BBC Radio Leeds conversation with Anna Dumitriu and Rachael Palmer from Thackray Museum.

Find some shots from the Private View event held last week HERE.


Leeds International Festival of Ideas

The dates and venue for LIFI24 have finally been confirmed. The festival returns to Leeds Playhouse from October 2-5, and we announced it on socials and newsletter this month!

The launch of the programme is only about seven weeks away, and we are continuing to work hard to ensure that this year’s event is bigger and better than ever before. We have an incredible lineup of performances and activities planned to keep the guests entertained.

In the meantime, take a look at LIFITV, which was recorded during LIFI23.

Impact Collective 

We’ve recently revealed a very exciting project that we filmed in October. Impact team (EndPoint Creates at the time) engineered and built bespoke modular stands for the Hult Prize Global Finals event in Paris.

One of our freelancers travelled along with them to film the whole journey. The installation process took two busy days, with a little bit of sightseeing thrown in between, and all of it has been captured in the showreel.


We recently added a curved light reflector to our studio kit. Although it’s not a piece of tech, we use it with all of our tech gear. This reflector enhances portraits by focusing the source light and creating an unbroken band of catchlight. It brings out the sparkle in the eyes, softens wrinkles, reduces textures, and gives skin a healthy glow. It also creates a brilliant arc of light in the sphere of the eye.

We’ve used it to take some stunning portraits for a new podcast we’re working on and we can’t wait to share them with you this spring. Stay tuned, you’ll see them soon enough.

What have we been up to this February?

What coffee are we drinking?

Our coffee of the month is a rather unusual choice – Coffee by Tate Britain with a cool story behind it. It’s roasted within the ground of Tate Britain, and its story is inspired by the Tate Collective Open Call inviting 16-25-year-olds to create artwork for their coffee labels. The label on this packaging is designed by one of the winners, Sally Abel Matriarch.

Now onto the beans, Igualdad Mujeres Hombres – Colombian community blend, which represents the collective efforts of small-scale farmers. With silky and syrupy notes of blackberry, mandarin and raisins – very fruity.


There is a new resident in Chapter 81 studio, which is involved in our office lifestyle – a filter coffee maker Moccamaster.

Moccamaster coffee machines have been handmade in the heart of the Netherlands since 1968. Its copper heating element is unique and ensures an optimal brewing temperature between 92°C and 96°C. Why is this temperature optimal? If coffee is made too cold, it tastes sour. If coffee is brewed too hot it tastes bitter. Moccamaster finds the perfect balance and prepares coffee at the right temperature, so you drink the tastiest cup of coffee. Fuelling our creativity for the rest of 2024, plus the machines are loved by all good indie coffee shops, so this is a tick of approval.

Our playlist (C81 Radio) is also here with a mix of diverse tracks!

This time we have a lot of songs from Leeds-based artists (Can you guess which ones?) as we’ve been working on a short film for one of our clients and have been looking at Leeds’ music scene quite a lot!

CLICK to listen!

What have we been up to this February?

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